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The Use of Planning and Control Techniques in Construction Projects in Thailand

Many developed planning and control techniques have been applied in the construction industry. With the increasing availability of various management techniques evolved from past, to select an appropriate technique to manage construction projects is becoming a crucial challenge. As the project management objectives are time, cost, and quality, this study will more focused on comparing between planning and control technique of medium-scale and large-scale projects those are operating in Thai construction industry. Analyzing will conduct in term of merely cost and time rather than quality follow to the study of Laufer and Tucker (1987). They further pointed out that between cost and time, formal planning effort of most construction companies has been primarily focused on time planning, and to a lesser extent on resource allocation and its cash-flow implications. However the emphasis in schedule and budget planning and control of a construction project is because of the realization by the contractor and the owner of the severe implications of schedule and budget overruns. In today's fast-paced construction environment, project owners are increasingly placing greater demands on contractors to complete projects in record time and under budget. This is because time and cost is critical for owners in attaining first in the market advantage over competitors. In short, no party would gain from schedule and budget overruns.

Regarding to above-mentioned problems, efficient planning and control techniques are an approach to alleviate and solve the problems. However in large-scale construction projects, there will be numerous, dynamic, and complex interaction among activities and planning/control system comparing with medium-scale one. The uncertain and rapid changing conditions are always happen, the unanticipated problems might be issued anytime. Consequently, the practiced planning and control techniques will be so complex and complicated. The important question is raised that how the construction projects manager could utilize such techniques effectively and efficiently.

Mr. Kriengkai Payapwattanawong made a research which major objective is to find approaches in improving planning and control practice in Thai construction projects. In order to achieve his objective, the following minor objectives need to be accomplished: (1) to identify criteria considered for adopting and installing planning and control techniques covering majority of planning and control techniques available in the market; (2) to apply such criteria to examine the planning and control practiced of both large-scale and medium-scale Thai construction projects and identify the strengths and weaknesses of their planning and control techniques employed; and (3) to recommend appropriate approach for both large-scale and medium-scale Thai construction projects to adopt and install an efficient planning and control techniques that could enhance project planning and control capability.


The needs to more effective and appropriate planning and control technique

The study shows that respondents rank the criticality level of ‘Effective and appropriate planning and control techniques’ as high whereas only medium satisfaction level of ‘their currently used techniques’ is emerging. This reflects that the investigation for improving the currently used techniques is necessary.

The critical criteria considered for adopting and installing planning and control technique

Results showed that both medium and large-scale construction projects primarily give important to requirement of contract/clients, ease for using and understanding, and available of sufficient knowledge and expertise of planner. Moreover, capability in application with computer software and ease of updated are also considered as critical criteria. However, the analysis shows that there are no significant differences between high influence criteria of medium and large-scale construction projects. Even though there are no significant differences in high influence criteria, significant differences are found between low and moderate influence criteria of medium and large-scale construction projects. Complexity of work (activities), Operation cost, Accuracy of technique, Well-known and widely used technique, and Modernization of technique (Development level) are significantly considered more by large-scale project comparing with medium-scale one. This means that large-scale projects require more advanced and high capability of planning and control techniques for cope with more management difficulties. However, these criteria are not appeared in high level of influencing for adopting and installing the techniques.

The currently practiced planning and control techniques in Thai construction projects

The survey result indicated innovative and advanced planning and control techniques are very infrequently used. However, it has trend to be more used of advanced techniques in large-scale construction projects. But not explicitly emerge. They perceive that their used techniques are easy for using and understanding. Large-scale projects primarily accept that the techniques are widely used and familiar for using. On the other hand, medium-scale projects have perceived that their used techniques can facilitate to achieve better understanding objectives and easy to determine critical path. But their used techniques are still difficult to model ‘real world’, failed to predict problems, and inadequate for complex projects. These might be cause of lacking of training and expertise in their projects.

The obstructions of implementing the better or advanced planning and control techniques in Thai construction projects and suggestions for improvement

It was found out that most of large-scale and medium-scale Thai construction projects find advanced planning and control techniques a definite advantage. A key factor in all successful applications is personnel training of familiarization and advanced techniques’ benefits acknowledgement.

The Thai construction projects need to improve some aspects in the planning and control system areas as presented in the table below, and then the efficient and effective construction management would be achieved.

His thesis abstract is copied and posted.


Increasing global competition and rapid technological development are pushing many industries to give more attention to improving the planning and control. Construction is one of the largest industries in many countries. However, the industry has been experiencing such problems as cost overrun, delayed completion, disputes and even litigation. Planning and control techniques are identified among the top potential areas needing improvements. Adopting and installing the efficient technique is important for more effective management. However, an efficient technique is difficult to be adopted and installed. This research aims to identify the criteria considered for successful adopting and installing the techniques, as well as pointing out key problems and difficulties faced of both medium and large-scale construction projects. The currently applied techniques, their strengths, and weaknesses are also examined. Structured questionnaires were conducted with project engineers of 31 medium-scale projects and 35 large-scale projects. The t-test and mean ranking as statistics test methods were used to analyze the data and compare the different between study groups. The results show that the techniques using of both parties is not much different. Advanced techniques are infrequently adopted and installed. However, significant differences were found between some criteria of two parties. These criteria are considered for adopting and installing the technique such as knowledge and expertise user requirement. As consequence, the study helps planners of both medium and large-scale projects to recognize and evaluate the effectiveness of their current used techniques. It also provides suggestions to overcome some practical problems and obstructions if the new techniques are applied in their construction projects.


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